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Photo showing long hair Laura Hamelin Stylist 10 Patchen Rd South Burlington Vermont 05403

Extensions ~ 
               Are they a right fit for you?

1.  For  Length!

 I'm asked often about Extensions so, I'd love to help you figure out if they are a good fit for your lifestyle.

  Here is a page just for you that you can bookmark & come back to ...


            Hope to see you soon!

Extension require care throughout each day to be able to wear them the longest amount of time! ~

A.   Brushing.
Brushing your hair 3 times a day with an Extension Brush.
This keeps natural shedding hair from matting up with your Extension Hair.

  Gone are the days when you style your hair in the morning & forget about it.

  3 full brushes a day with an Extension Brush are a must to prevent your natural shedding hair from matting up with the Extension Hair.   Also, if too much shedding hair accumulates this can slide the Extension out of your hair.

  The Extension Brush doesn't snag, pull, or catch on whatever type of Extension you have in your hair.

2. For Hilights  without commitment!

...Be able to add Hilights with zero damage to your hair & take them out when you're ready to change your color!

Add Hilights / No Damage
Photo showing blond hilights Laura Hamelin Stylist 10 Patchen Rd South Burlington Vermont 05403

B.   Shampooing.
    2-3 times a week, using a Dry Shampoo daily.   Caveat > If you exercise or swim, shampoo right after.

 Keeping your scalp healthy is essential.   Using a Dry Shampoo daily absorbs natural oils between shampoos.

  A special way to shampoo ~ Focus on the scalp.  Sudsing up 1st shampoo, gently scrub with using the pads of your fingers (not your nails) & rinse.  2nd sudsing, gently scrub between each Extension Row, taking care to massage your scalp.

 Only Shampoo with the products given you at the time of your service!  They are formulated for a healthy scalp AND special care of your Extension Hair.

3. For  Volume!

 Moving Up Extensions as your hair grows every 5-6 weeks.

 Moving up your Extension as your hair grows is paramount.  If the Extensions are not kept close to the scalp, they may break, tear, or pull out your natural hair as they are unsupported by the extra weight placed on them.

Image by David Roessli
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