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Extensions!  Are they right for you?  Check here ... 

Hair Styling / Cutting!  

     Consultation,  Precision hair cutting,  Finish with a blow dry.  

Prices based on detail & techniques involved. ~

    $47 +

    $35 +

        +  Prices increase with complexity & length of service time.

I specialize in "French Haircutting" ~ A technique adding soft layers that fall naturally to the perimeter / length of your style.  

Great to enhance natural curl!

Men's Picture
Beautiful Red Hair Color by Laura Hamelin Stylist 10 Patchen Rd South Burlington Vermont 05403
Elegant Grey Coverage


   Top Chic by Goldwell ~  $65 + 

   INOA ~  $75 +  (Low fume & great for scalp sensitivities)

   Refresh! Color Toning between full color service ~ $60  (Colorance by Goldwell)



  Full Foil       $135 +     

  Partial Foil   $90 +   

  Accent Foil  $50 +   

  Balayage      $145 +   

 ( + for 2 or more color formulas. )

+ Prices increase with complexity, length of service time, & amount of color product needed to achieve your desired result.

Full = Hilights all over!  Starting at the nape of the neck, full hairline behind the ears (when you put your hair up in any way hilighted strands can be seen behind the ear where your hair is gathered up),  continuing over the crown to the full front hairline.

Partial = Hilights placed around the front hairline, covering a parting if you have one, and continuing to include the crown.

 Descriptions ~


Balayage 5/2/19

Balayage = Free forming Foil Hilights starting at the mid shaft to the ends of your style, for natural easy Hilights.

 Accent = Hilights placed directly around the parting on the front hairline to brighten around your eyes.

Coconut Refresh $25

Facial Waxing ~

    Brows  $20   Lip & Chin  $20


K 18 is a wonderful treatment that reconnects polypeptide chains & broken disulfide bonds.

This can be due to chemical services like colors & hilights or simply heat from styling & dry seasonal air.

In-Salon treatment $20 added to any service.

At Home Care $27 In-Salon pricing for my clients.


 EXTENSIONS ~ I look forward to offering this service in the future.
   I have been trained in HOTHEADS Remi products & techniques.
   Certified in both Tape In & Sew In Wefts using "Remi" Extension Hair (indicating the Cuticle Layer is left in tact when creating the  Extensions & the Cuticle lays all in the same direction = Like our natural hair!)
  At this time I'm not booking appt's for this service.

Extension Certifications of Laura Hamelin Stylist 10 Patchen Rd South Burlington Vermont 05403
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2 Hughs of Brunette Hair Laura Hamelin Stylist 10 Patchen Rd South Burlington Vermont 05403

   Thank  You  for  Visiting!

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